Jess (A Grand Collage 1951-1993). Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York, 1993. Tapa dura con sobrecubierta. Tamaño 28.5 x 26 cm. En papel ilustración, incluye 96 reproducciones a color y 53 en blanco y negro. Estado: Excelente. Cantidad de páginas: 248

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1- Lenders to the Exhibition
2- Foreword, Douglas G. Schultz
3- Acknowledgments, Michael Auping
4- Introduction, Michael Auping
5- An Interview with Jess
6- Jess: A Grand Collage, Michael Auping
7- The Concert: Robert Duncan. Writing Out of Painting, Robert J. Bertholf
8- On Jss’s Narkissos, Michael Palmer
9- Works in the Exhibition
10- Catalogue of the Exhibition
11- Chronology
12- Selected Bibliography
13- Selected Exhibition and Reviews
14- Photographic Credits

Foreword (Advertencia)
The Albright-Knox Art Gallery is extremely pleased to be able to sponsor the first retrospective of over forty years of work by the artist Jess. A native of California, Jess has been a legendary figure in San Francisco’s arts arena. Over the years, he has gained the attention and respect of art historians and curators around the country and is represented in the permanent collections of major American museums. His body of work, marked by intricate and exacting technique and a complex system of references and associations, is provocative and enchanting.
This exhibition has been an enormous challenge to organize; the effort was made possible by our Chief Curator Michael Auping’s deep and abiding respect over the last fifteen years for Jess and his work. The project has necessitated that Mr. Auping work closely with the artist on every detail, and it is readily apparent that their collaboration has brought about an exhibition that is thoughtful and illuminating. For all that he has done to realize this major and critical undertaking, I offer my sincere gratitude and congratulations.
The opportunity to have this exhibition seen nationally has been made possible by our colleagues across the country and we are most appreciative for all their efforts on our behalf. I would like to thank Kathy Halbreich, Director, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; John R. Lañe, Director, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Alan Shestack, Director, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; and David A. Ross, Director, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, for sharing our enthusiasm for Jess’s work and for having their institutions participate in the tour.
The kind cooperation of all the lenders to the exhibition has been invaluable. They have worked patiently and graciously with us on all arrangements for photography and shipping and are parting with their works for over a year so that this exhibition can be circulated to four major American cities.
We are most fortunate in Buffalo to have in our midst the presence of Robert J. Bertholf, the foremost scholar on the late poet Robert Duncan and his work. Dr. Bertholf’s contribution to this project is immeasurable and we are grateful to him and his staff at the State University of New York at Buffalo’s Poetry/Rare Books Collection for all their cooperation and kindnesses. The Albright-Knox Art Gallery is fortunate, as well, to benefit from the continued patronage of Mr. and Mrs. Armand J. Castellani. In 1992, they generously donated Jess’s 1978 work The Unentitled Graces to the permanent collection.
Finally, we must acknowledge the work of the artist. It is replete with imagery and literary reference — engaging, lyrical, and fantastic. We extend our deepest thanks to Jess for his work, which makes our effort compelling and necessary. DOUGLAS G. SCHULTZ. Director, Albright-Knox Art Gallery