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Ed. HART Publishing Company, 1977. Size 31 x 24 cm. Over 300 pictures in the public domain that can be reproduced without fee or permission. State: Used, very good. 96 pages

Dining & Drinking is a collection of over 260 pictures of many periods, culled from 62 known sources and a few private sources and a few private sources. These pictures have subdivided into 14 categories.

All these pictures are in the public domain. They derive from magazines, books, private collections, and pictures copyrighted by Hart Publishing Company, now released to the public for general use.

So as not to clutter a caption, the source of the picture is given an abbreviated designation. Full publication data may be found in the Sources section, in which all sources are listed in alphabetical order, with the full title of the book or magazine, the publisher, and the date of publication. The Sources section commences on page 95.

Captions appear only beneath those pictures which call for clear identification. For example, pictures contained in the Ethnic Feasts category are identified by country or tribe, as well as by source.

Twenty-two of the pictures are halftones, and are designated by a square symbol at the end of the caption. These pictures, too, are suitable for reproduction, but the user is alerted to rescreen such a picture or convert it into line. All other pictures can be reproduced directly in line.

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