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Ed. Magna Books, 1993. Tapa dura con sobrecubierta. Tamaño 31 x 23,5 cm. Estado: Excelente, 160 págs.

The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire from Magna Books provides a definitive account of the history of the Soviet Empire.
Tracing over 75 years of turbulence and change, this book brings together an authoritative text with legions of revealing photographs,
recounting the history of:
-The Russian Revolution of 1917 and the death of CzarNicholasll.
-The birth of Soviet Communism founded on the works of Karl Marx and developed by Lenin and his co-revolutionaries.
-The drawing of the Iron Curtain across the map of Europe by Stalin in the wake of World War II.
-The 1956 uprising in Hungary, the Prague Spring of 1968 and the continuation of the Cold War.
-The growth of pro-democracy movements in the Warsaw Pact countries in the early eighties.
-The reunión of East and West Germany in 1989 and the series of successful revolutions in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and
-The collapse of the Warsaw Pact, undeclared civil wars and the ousting of Gorbachev.
-The continuing reforms and social and economic instabilities in the GIS.

The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire offers an illuminating and thought-provoking insight which will intrigue anybody with an interest in social or political history.


1- The legacy of Czarism
2- A New Type of Party, A New Type of State
3- The New Empire
4- The Empire Expands
5- The Second Empire Rebels
6- An Imperialistic Foreign Policy (1955-1979)
7- The Limits of Empire Building
8- At the Crossroads
9- The New Emperor
10- 1989 – The Year of Turmoil
11- Troubles at Home
12- From Crackdown to Collapse
13- Thoughts on the future