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Ed. Quest Books, 2006. Size 23 x 15 cm. State: Used, very good. 282 pages

This book consists of two sections. The first is an informal explanation of the twelve astrological signs, the impeccable logic that underlies them, and their value to a therapist as a diagnostic tool as well as a guide to self-acceptance and fulfillment. The individual chart is to the psyche ehat DNA is to the body -a description of how a person is «likely» to process experience. The second section concerns the majestic unfolding of the evolution of the collective unconscious. The tables between the two sections are for a handy reference to anyone unfamiliar with the basics of astrology.

For millennia astrology has been the key to uniting religion and science. When it was discarded during the Age of Reason, religion lost its proof and much of science lost its sense of the sacred.

Today astrology, viewed as a symbolic language of archetypal processes, unites every level of manifestation, as I hope the following chapters will demonstrate.

There appears to be an objectively observable coincidence of the «nature» of the astrological signs governing the «astronomical» Ages and the religious, mythic, and psychological expression of humankind in history: a truly discernible phylogenetic and ontogenetic pattern of sequence operating evolutionally through the collective unconscious both at the collective and individual levels. For the first time in history, we stand able to cooperate spiritually and consciously in the development.

Natal astrology answers five elementary questions:

Answered by the Sun, wich generates its own system
What about the who?
Answered by the Moon and the other planets wich reflect, in different ways, the light of the Sun
Answered by the twelve signs, which modify the above and will be the subject of these letters
To what degree?
Answered by the aspects or geometric relationships among the planets, which will also be discussed
Answered by the twelve houses, which give us the locale in the outer and inner worlds and represent the stage sets upon which the drama of a lifetime unfolds

The aspects are determined by the geometric angles formed within the circle of the chart according to the degrees separating onbe or more planets. You are already familiar with two of them, the «trines» of the elements and the «squares» of the quadruplicities )cardinal, fixed, and mutable). Angles are important in nature.

The ascendant is the line formed by the eastern hoprizon. The cusp of the First House. The sign of the zodiac crossing this cusp at the time of birth is called the «rising sign». It describes what Jung called the «persona», the «mask» or personality that we normally use in dealing with the external world.

Foreword by Sylvia Brinton Perera
Note to the Reader
1- The Ring of Quiddity
2- Circles, Cycles, and Spirals
3- The Elements: Four Levels of Being
4- Fire: Light, Life, Love
5- Water: Fluctuation, Femininity, Fruition
6- Air: Idea, Intelligence, Intellect
7- Earth: Stuff, Structure, Stability
8- Some Reflections
9- Pathology and Healing
10- The Houses
A- The Natural Zodiac
B- The Planets
C- The Astrological Signs
D- Fixed, Cardinal, Mutable Signs
E- Fire, Air, Earth, Water Signs
11- The Evolution of Consciousness through the Astrological Ages
12- Love and Fear: The Age of Cancer
13- Consciousness and Choice: The Age of Gemini
14- Property and Resurrection: The Age of Taurus
15- The Celestial Roundup
16- Ego and Justice: The Age of Aries
17- Faith and Reason: The Age of Pisces
18- Individual and Cosmos: The Age of Aquarius
19- The Gift of a Streetlamp