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Ed. Ma Dhyan Sagar, 1988. Hard cover with dust jacket. Size 19 x 12 cm. State: Used, very good. 300 pages

In this small book Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh leads us through the mysterious world of the ancient Zen masters. What looks like insoluble riddles becomes a doorway to the unknown.

Out of this series of discourses a new hterapy was born -the No-Mind Meditation. To know the no-mind of Zen, Bhagwan says we need to rid ourselves of repressions. The No-Mind Meditation consists of one hour of gibberish followed by one hour of silence.

«How long can you go on? – the mind becomes empty. Slowly, slowly a deep nothingness…and in that nothingness a flame of awareness. It is always present, surrounded by your gibberish. The gibberish has to be talen out; that is your poison»

To enter this book is to have a peek into the world of no-mind.

In April of 1988, Bhagwan introduced a new element into His daily discourses. For the first time in more than thirteen years, diciples and seekers had the opportunity to experience a sepcific meditation process in Bhagwan’s presence, with His guidance.

In this series of discourses, the meditation consists of two stages. The first is a silent gathering of energy within, sitting absolutely still, without any movement of the body or mind.

The second stage is let-go, where the participants llow themselves to fall to the floor in total relaxation.

Note to the Reader
1- Emptiness No Holiness
2- From Here to Here – No Space for the Way
3- Pecking and Tapping
4- Always NOW and HERE
5- Signatures on Water
6- Perfect the Circle, Pure the Sound
7- Jus BE
8- The Voice of the Raindrops
9- Three Pounds of Flax
10- Nothing is Better than Anything
11- What’s in a Name?
12- Let No Dust Settle
13- The Great Death
14- Beat the Drum
15- Dragons Do Not Lie in Puddles
16- Have You Had Your Dinner?
17- Just Fall Like a Bag of Rice
The No-Mind Meditation: Therapy through Gibberish