Ed. Penguin, año 1970. Tamaño 18,5 x 11,5 cm. Usado excelente, 430 págs.


Editor’s Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction by Martin Garbus.

Gene Radano: Walking the Beat, Advice from an Old-Timer.
1. Encounter
Carmencita in Blue: A Dialogue at Dawn, by Charles Wright.
Millbrook Raid: An Eyewitness Report, Anonymous.
Gross Weirdness at the Barricades, by Terry Southern.
The Day They Busted the Grateful Dead, by Richard Brautigan.
2. Confrontation
Grandma with Orange Hair, by Norman Mailer.
The United States of America versus Piero Heliczer, by Piero Heliczer.
Die Nigger Die! by H. Rap Brown.
The Shit Hits the Fan at Columbio, by James Simón Kunen
Last Performance at The Living Theatre Invective, by Judith Malina.
Planted, Burnt, and Busted, by Harvey Rottenberg.
For Refusing to Unwalk My Dog 6 August 1965, by Gregory John-Martin-Portley.
On Being Busted at Fifty, by Leslie A. Fielder.
The Diamond Ball, by Paul Krassner.
The Che! Bust, by Lennox Raphael.
My Kind of Jail, Chicago Has, by Ralph Schoenstein.
3. Madness
Freewheelin Frank, by Frank Reynolds.
Nightmare in a California Jail, by Jesse P. Ritter, Jr.
Affidavit # 2: Shoot-Out in Oakland, by EIdridge Cleaver.
Policemanship: A Guidefor the Arrested, by Doc Stanley.

Testimony: The House Committee on Un-American Activitíes, by Bertolt Brecht.
Don’t Know if I’m Coming or Going, by Billie Holiday.
Four Documents: Response, Decree, Statement, and Proposal, by Wilhelm Reich.
My Obscenity Trial, Lenny Bruce.
Episode and Postscript, by Timothy Leary.
On Trial with the Oakland Seven, by Frank Bardacke.
One of «Them», by Michael Zwerin.
Testimony: United States of America, Plaintiff, v. David T. Dellinger, et al, by Abbie Hoffman.

Folsom Prison Blues, by Johnny Cash.
1. Time
The Fourth Mad Wall, by John Rosevear.
Life-styles: Building Time, by Donn Pearce.
Time: Two Interviews, by Jaakov Kohn.
2. Inside
The Frisan Trip, by Busby Crockett.
Jail Poem, by Bob Kaufman.
Notes from the County Jail, by Michael Rossman.
Santa Rita Journal, by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
Notes from Santa Rita, by Joan Baez.
Prison Notes, by Barbara Deming.
Jail Diary, by Ken Kesey.ç
Silent Tears and Prison Noises, by Abiodun.
Sex in the Can, by Piri Thomas.
Penal Madness, by Ray Bremser.
Cuba and Dancing in Prison, by Herbert Huncke.
3. Looking out
Satan, by Malcolm X.
Thoughts on the Theatre from Jail: Three Letters to a Friend, by Julián Beck.
Nigger, by Dick Gregory.
To My Brothers and Sisters, by Jerry Rubin.
A Letter to Leni, by John Sinclair.
4. Death Row
Eight Interviews with the Condemned, by Truman Capote.
Ex Ungue Leonem, by Caryl Chessman.
Life in the Death House, by Edgar Smith.
He Sees Through Stone, by Ethridge Knight.